The Petit Modèle letterbox embodies the retro charm of the 1950s while offering modern functionality. Designed to meet contemporary needs, this box offers a unique alternative to standard models. Each copy of this iconic box is meticulously handcrafted in the Post Office’s official mould, preserving its authenticity and historical heritage.
What’s more, because we care about the environment, we only use 100% recyclable aluminium, 30% of which comes from recycled materials, in its manufacture. Manufactured in the Post Office’s official foundry in Nantes, each box is the fruit of exceptional craftsmanship, combining tradition and innovation. Thanks to its aluminium composition, our letterbox is naturally resistant to corrosion, ensuring its durability and impeccable appearance year after year, with no fear of rust.


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Make this mailbox as unique as you are ! Have fun adding wording such as your family name, house name, street number, company name etc…


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Black RAL 9005
Dark gray RAL 7016
Green RAL 6009
Red RAL 3003
White RAL 9016
Yellow RAL 1021

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The first mailbox designed by the Dejoie foundry. You can still find it in some quiet little streets in France.


Specification :
This design does not feature the opening system accredited by the French Postal Services.

Material : 100 % aluminum
Dimensions : width 278 mm x height 423 mm x depth 170 mm
Poids net total : 5 kg
Fixing : mounted to the wall, delivered with 3 M10 wall plugs et 3 washers.
Box : usable volume 11 dm3
Door : aluminum door with a window for the mail width 171 mm x height 25 mm
Paint : primer base + polyurethane coating with gloss finish 5 years warranty
Back grating : perforated grating, damp proofing, insect control
Lock : stainless lock compatible with the Postal Services Pass – 2 keys

Included accessories :
Wall mounting Set
Set of two keys and one lock accredited by the French Postal Services

Colors :
Our mailboxes and custom fonts are available in the following RAL values.

RAL 9016

RAL 7016

RAL 1021

RAL 9005

RAL 3003

RAL 6009

Additional Information

Black RAL 9005, Blue RAL 5005, Dark gray RAL 7016, Green RAL 6009, Light gray RAL 7038, Orange RAL 2008, Red RAL 3003, Silver, White RAL 9016, Yellow RAL 1021

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