boite aux lettres rétro La Poste blanche
1950’s mailbox – LARGE
549 euros incl. VAT
The iconic design of the French Postal Services, set up on every street corner on a stand or mounted to the wall.
1945’s mailbox – SMALL
429 euros incl. VAT
The first mailbox designed by the Dejoie foundry.
You can still find it in some quiet little streets in France.
la boite jaune
la boite jaune
1950’s Adjustable COLUMN – LARGE
419 euros incl. VAT
The official mailbox foot of the French Post.
Original design.
Build for the 1950’s mailbox – LARGE.
Material: 100% aluminum.
Our collaborations
We regularly collaborate with artists to offer you even more beautiful and personalized mailboxes.
Boite aux lettres Julian Arnaud collaboration artiste