The Dejoie Foundry
The Dejoie foundry was founded in Nantes about 100 years ago, on the banks of the Loire river.
At that time, this little plant hidden in the back of tall industrial buildings was mainly known for its lead sealing activity. During World War II, a massive lead shortage forced the company to redirect its activity towards the manufacturing of aluminium casting parts.
The iconic Dejoie mailbox
In 1950, Dejoie becomes the official foundry for the French administration. The company designs an innovative, modern, and lightweight mailbox cast in aluminum called the “DEJOIE”. This design will become the iconic mailbox of the French Postal Services for decades.

Since World War II, only 4 changes were made to the original design :
1945 : a dark blue mailbox with yellow edging
1950 : a yellow mailbox with blue edging
1960: no more edging (too hard to maintain), but the Poste logo remains blue
1980 : the corners are rounded
2012: the window for the mail is outlined with a grey frame.n 1950

The Yellow Box
Since the 2000s, this charming, typically French mailbox, was sitting in the back of a closet at the foundry.
Today, Ulysse Harin, great great-grandson of the foundry and Sophie, in collaboration with all the team at the Dejoie factory, decide to rejuvenate this iconic mailbox.

The whole idea is to give a “mainstream” dimension to an object that used to be reserved to the French administration.

As a matter of fact, if this mailbox is a vintage and iconic object of the the French culture, it is also a well-spread mean of communication, that speaks to everyone everywhere in the world.

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